Find your favorite road, and find out how fast you can go by specifying the level of aggressiveness of your driving/riding in the corners...

Wonder how this all works? Explination in mathematical terms and motorcycle dynamics.

HINT!!!  Best method is to input GPS coordinates for both start and end position. Open google maps in a new tab and right click on your starting position. Then select "what's here". The GPS coordinates will be displayed at the search window.
Start Position: GPS Lat/Lng, street address or intersection.

End Position: GPS Lat/Lng, street address or intersection.
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Walking Directions:   Avoid Highways:

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Lean Angle/Lateral G's:
* For cars enthusiasts, a 2002 BMW M3 will pull around 0.9 lateral G's.
* For motorcycle enthusiasts, a 45 degree lean or greater is almost to the point of dragging knee with proper body position.
My speed limit: mph *used for total time to travel calculations.